Feed Local Children In Need

You are probably wondering…¬†How can Generosity Feeds help feed children in our school who need food on the weekend?

By partnering with Generosity Feeds, local businesses, and non-profits, you become a catalyst for mobilizing hundreds of people in your community to create 10,000 or more meals, in less than 2 hours, to feed local children in need. The meals are typically distributed through the after school back pack program or local food pantries for children in your school who would otherwise go hungry on weekends or school breaks.

This initiative also provides opportunity for your students and their families to get involved in a dynamic community service project.

What is the benefit of doing a Generosity Feeds event?

On a Social Level
10,000 or more meals will be created to feed children in your school and other local schools who struggle with hunger outside school hours.
On a Community Level
Hundreds of students, families, and businesses will be mobilized to serve by packing 10,000 or more meals in less than 2 hours.
This initiative will expand your students’¬†relationships, credibility, and impact while addressing the hunger needs of children in your local community.

How will Generosity Feeds benefit my school?

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