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Generosity Feeds is working to feed hungry children in every county across America so all children have the opportunity to thrive.

By partnering with Generosity Feeds, you become a catalyst for mobilizing hundreds of people in your community to create 10,000 or more meals, in less than 2 hours, for children in your area who struggle with hunger. As a result, you develop a lifestyle of generosity in your community or business.

This gives you the opportunity to create shared value in your city by mobilizing a collaborative effort of local businesses, non-profits, faith groups, schools, clubs, and families.

How YOU Can Make It Happen

A Child’s Story


On a Public Level

We work with you to address child hunger needs in your community through a meal creation event.


On a Personal Level

We work with you to inspire others in your community by tapping into their passion.


On a Financial Level

We work with you to access city-wide resources for funding.

This initiative will expand your relationships, credibility, and impact while addressing the hunger needs of children in your local area.

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