Increase Your Internal And External Impact

Your business can become a catalyst for mobilizing your employees to create 2,500 or more meals, in less than 2 hours, for children in your area who struggle with hunger.

This gives you the opportunity to create shared value in your company, for your employees, and with your community while working to decrease the debilitating effects of food insecurity on children in your area.

What is the benefit of doing a Generosity Feeds event?

On a Public Level
We work with you to address child hunger needs in your community through a meal creation event.
On a Business Level
We work with you to inspire your employees through service.
This initiative will expand your team members’ relationships, credibility, and impact while addressing the hunger needs of children in your local community.

How will Generosity Feeds benefit my business?

Host a private event with just your company or a public event with your business partners and local schools. You choose. We can help determine what is best for your objectives.

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