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What is a Generosity Feeds Event?

Generosity Feeds is working to feed hungry children in every county across America by mobilizing communities (businesses, non-profits, churches, schools, and clubs) to package 10,000 or more meals in less than 2 hours to feed local children in need. The meals are distributed through the local school system or food pantries to children who go hungry outside of school hours.

What should we expect?

A typical food packaging event empowers hundreds of local volunteers to create between 10,000 & 500,000 meals in just a few hours. This gives your organization a significant opportunity to build credibility in the community while inspiring hundreds of people into long-term generosity. Through this event, your organization will decrease the debilitating effects of child hunger in your area. This initiative will expand your organization's relationships, credibility, and impact while addressing the hunger needs of children in your local community.

What is the process?

One of our Event Coaches will guide you through the planning process. Through this process you can look forward to...

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Generosity Feeds is an initiative of the Replenish Community Foundation, 501c3, non-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible.

How long does it take to package the meals?

This is dependent on how many volunteers participate and how many meals are being packaged. In general, it takes 2 hours to pack 10,000 meals with 175 - 300 volunteers. This includes the training we provide on food insecurity in America and your community.

What is the packaging process?

The ingredients for the meal your are packaging arrive to the host site in bulk a few days prior to the event. At the packaging event, food is funneled into serving size packages, heat sealed, and boxed for distribution.

What is the food like?

We are presently creating Black Beans and Rice meals. This meal can be used as burrito filling, taco filling, enchilada stuffing, tortilla chip dip, or a delicious bowl of beans and rice. All meals are packed 2 servings per bags. All meals are parent, school principal, and child approved.

Where do the meals go following the event?

We work with you to identify the already existing distribution system in your community. This is usualy after school backpack programs or food pantries.

Schools throughout America send children home on Friday's with a back pack full of food for the weekend. Our goal is to increase the quality, while decreasing the cost, of food in these packs so more children can be served. Our food is designed for children with easy preparation. Adults enjoy it as well.

How far out should I begin planning for the event?

It takes between 3 weeks to 4 months to prepare for the event. This timeline is based on your organizations objectives for the event. We work with you to ensure adequate time to set up local partnerships and register people for the Generosity Feeds event.

How long does it take to set up and tear down the event?

This is dependent on the size of the event. For an event with 175 or more volunteers, plan for 4 hours of set up and 1 hour to tear down.

How much space do we need for the event?

This is determined by the number of volunteers you anticipate. Usually a high school gym can hold 450 volunteers and all the packaging equipment. We can run these events in two rooms of the same facility simultaneously or run the event in waves where volunteers come at certain times during the day.

Why should I host a Generosity Feeds event?

You will...

Can children participate?

Yes. This is a family event. Children as young as 3 will enjoy serving.

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